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Thread: flashdrive backup software?

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    flashdrive backup software?

    I'm looking for some kind of software that will essentially backup all the data from my USB flash drive onto my computer automatically on a somewhat routine basis, just in case I lose my flash drive. I've looked around through google, Ubuntu forums, and I found a few things on sourceforge, but they were only for Windows OS, not Ubuntu. Does anybody know a type of software that I can install to do this?

    It would be nice if it included the ability to track data from multiple USB flash drives, i.e., so I can use more than one flash drive and not have the backup from flash drive "A" become erased if I later mount flash drive "B." Also, it would be nice (but not an absolute requirement) if it is able to do some kind of a rotation to store multiple copies of my data from different time periods, that way I could have I can have backups from yesterday, as well as last week, 1 month ago, etc.

    Thank you so much for anyone who is able to help!

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    Re: flashdrive backup software?

    Maybe look into rdiff-backup?


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