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    After tearing my hair off with Vista for months (I bought a new computer, but they wouldn't let me have the OS of my choice), due to the fact that networking with my old PC and installing the software I need for work on a daily basis was sometimes a pain, sometimes not secure, and sometimes plainly impossible, I decided to give Linux a try.

    The most popular choice appeared to be Ubuntu, so I leaped and did a dual install, keeping Vista for graphics-heavy games.

    And I'm hooked. Haven't booted Vista once since, except to strip it down from the loads of junk that I have no longer any use for on my hard drive.

    But this foray in the Ubuntu/Linux universe took A LOT of research (weeks, actually). Don't misinterpret me -- there is information aplenty out there...

    ... just TOO much to take in -- and no "one-stop starting place" for a poor newbie.

    For instance, I wasted hours on end learning the basics of EMacs (a great tool, but very complex) when all I actually needed were the terminal commands (another beast entirely). I wouldn't have wasted days either trying to set up a chroot for 32-bit programs on my 64-bit system, because I would have known that they were compatible in Hardy without too much fuss.

    So here's a place to start.

    If this can help any other n00bs LOVE their new system as much as I do, here's my Ultimate n00b reference list. If such a list had existed when I first logged in to the Absolute Beginners section of this site, I would have saved days of research (and probably a lot of forum users from having to answer basic questions they had probably already answered a thousand times). So I hope it helps!

    Here are what I've personally found to be the Ultimate Useful Threads and Links for the Ultimate n00b:

    This forum 101
    The basics of this forum... beans and all!
    Forum sections demystified
    Newbie 101 Part 2: How to search this forum and get the best possible help

    Distro 101
    A short and clear explanation of the difference between distro families
    More details about distros

    Linux 101
    What is linux? What is a kernel? How does it work? How does it relate to Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu 101
    Great guide to Hardy Heron. Very complete
    All there is to know about Ubuntu
    Great general introductory article for people who are unsure about Ubuntu
    Want to set up the perfect desktop? It's right there

    Hardy 101
    Tips and tricks specific to Hardy Heron

    EDIT May 16
    Dual install 101
    Clear, accessible and illustrated guide

    Documentation 101
    Official Ubuntu documentation site, but you need to understand the jargon and how everything works before diving into this one

    Terminal (and shell -- your actual OS) 101
    A great intro to all things terminal
    Explains HOW your system works so you actually understand all of those weird command lines experienced forum users like so much

    Ubuntu install and how-to 101
    A great sticky with much, much useful basic information
    Ubuntu Installation from the Community Help Wiki
    Another great source for install 101

    Tutorials and tips 101
    A convenient forum section well hidden under everything else

    Typing codes 101
    An alternative for heavy keyboard users used to working with ALT (and Unicode) codes instead of having to copy/paste with the mouse from the character map
    List of compose key sequences

    Applications 101
    Available applications for your linux system, along with descriptions and links
    How to install anything in Ubuntu
    A thoroughly complete application installation guide

    Latest applications 101
    You heard it first, Newbies. Now use them!

    Various sound, video, wireless issues and problems
    , and more!

    EDIT May 15: By the way, you will encounter the following expressions a lot. This explanation is nice and short. There is more detailed information about these "supercommands" in the generous links above

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaRL View Post
    Sudo- "superuser-do" for administrative/root priviledges. Use for commands and applications that run in a command line interface only.

    Gksu- "graphical sudo" for commands and applications that launch a GUI from the terminal. Makes sure you don't mess up file privileges with a graphical application in superuser mode.
    the equivalent of Gksu if you are using a KDE look-and-feel option is kdesu

    Added May 14, 2008

    Specially contributed section
    Credit, where credit is due

    I'm lucky enough to have very helpful eminent readers From now on, new links proposed will be quoted here.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaRL View Post
    Guide to Forum Features
    Thanking, beans, titles, searching, and more. Plus another thread by aysiu to post more if you think it needs it.

    Ubuntu Installation from the Community Help Wiki
    Community maintained page, full of tons of information useful when installing.
    Quote Originally Posted by philinux View Post
    Another very useful site.
    Although a lot of apps are aleady in the repos
    Quote Originally Posted by alzie View Post
    For searching I recommend
    A custom Google Search Engine providing results from Ubuntu related sites
    Quote Originally Posted by macogw View Post
    woohoo, I made the list!
    Yup. It's up there, somewhere

    EDIT, May 17 -- And the list of contributed links continues here. Don't forget to check it too!

    Many, many thanks to all of the great people who took the time to create such useful documentation. This n00b keeps going back to learn more! And the links keep growing. You guys are awesome (gush, I have reverted back to my teenage years?)

    Now, if I could only find open source equivalents to SDLX (professional CAT software with translation memories and termbases) and Antidote, I'd be in heaven!


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