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Thread: Startup program as root

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    Startup program as root

    Alright, I've looked around the forums/internet but haven't found a solution that fits my scenario.

    Basically I'm trying to enable a program called Synergy to start-up automatically upon boot. This program enables mouse/keyboard control from another networked computer via the LAN. As such, I don't normally have a keyboard or mouse connected to the system.

    So, essentially I need to run the command to connect to the Synergy server as root after the network is up. I tried doing this via the Sessions options as "sudo ...," but I'm fairly certain it's not working as I don't have a way to feed it the root password. I also tried using rc.local, but I believe using this method it is starting before the network is up.

    So now you see my conundrum. Any tho'ts? Thanks!

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    Re: Startup program as root

    I'm thinking put the program in /usr/sbin and your start script in /etc/init.d A proper script should be able to check that networking is established. Making root the owner of the program, I think will solve your 'root' problem. sudo chown root:root program_name
    Of course the program need to have execute permission: sudo chmod a+x program_name

    Start up manager can be quirky, if you go that route. Sometimes takes several attempts before sticking.

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    Re: Startup program as root

    There may be a better way but, I think a simple script like this would work for you:

    while ! ifconfig eth0 | grep "inet addr" ; do
        sleep 1
    That just wakes up once a second to see if eth0 has been assigned an IP address and, if so, it runs "thing_you_want_to_run". You could either call that script from rc.local or remove the "#!/bin/bash" and paste it directly into rc.local.
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