Ok this has me stumped I'm just short of reinstalling every stupid box in this house, one more time, just to get this working.

back story:

Ok I installed mythtv on an old box with an analog ati tv wonder and checked it out.
the wife says "Why would you want to watch tv through your computer if you're just watching tv?"
But NOW mythtv is an intricate part of daily life in my home, with a rebuilt mythtv box with plenty of hdd space, and we are decussing more capture cards.

I knew mythtv would stream to independent frontends. so I installed the frontend on another computer and it worked beyond my expectations. every thing was great at the homestead, discussions were on about mythtv in every room in the house. Then terror struck...
Suddenly sound no long works on the remote frontend the one and only backend works fine. but recordings and live tv just don't produce any sound. I've looked at almost every setting page and I can't see anything about this and all the results from google point to no sound on the backend not the frontends. 'sigh' back to the grind stone I guess.