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Thread: Help with Exploding disks

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    Help with Exploding disks

    Hey, I've got a question... I had upgraded to Kubuntu 8.04 a little while back, but right after upgrading, my user account had decided to not let me log in, saying that the password had expired.
    I had decided to split the drive in half and install Ubuntu on the empty section, but during the process of resizing partitions, the CD exploded while inside the drive. I didn't lose any data (thank heaven), but I am left with trying to figure out how the CD-ROM drive had managed to poop out on me like that. So, if there
    is anyone who knows the cause of this predicament, any help would be appreciated.

    Also, as a result, I have decided to pick up a new computer with Vista, and just do a dual-boot since I know how to do that, and put my old HDD into an enclosure so that it can be hooked up through USB. If anyone has a sugesstion on where to go for cheap IDE enclosures, that would be appreciated as well.

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    Re: Help with Exploding disks

    It's a hardware problem. Was the disc damaged when you put it in?


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