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Thread: How to resume broken ISO download - help needed

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    Re: How to resume broken ISO download - help needed

    Quote Originally Posted by kpkeerthi View Post
    Linux has excellent native download managers.
    As for resuming your broken ISO, I would simply do
    cd /where/KNOPPIX_V5.3.1DVD-2008-03-26-EN.iso.part/is/stored/
    Rename it to .iso
    mv KNOPPIX_V5.3.1DVD-2008-03-26-EN.iso.part KNOPPIX_V5.3.1DVD-2008-03-26-EN.iso
    Resume it with -c option in wget
    wget -c http://from.where.i.downloaded/KNOPPIX_V5.3.1DVD-2008-03-26-EN.iso
    Finally make sure MD5sums match.

    Of course, you can use transmission/deluge/azureus bittorent clients. I recommend torrent for large downloads.
    This must be sticky to any Xxxx Xxxxx Testing and Discussion forum!

    wget is already installed into 9.10

    I am using ONLY mobile broadband and I managed to continue a 'stopped' 9.10 daily .iso from 75% ...!
    Downloading with up to 50KBytes/s after 2 1/2 hours stopped...

    Many thanks to kpkeerthi,
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    Arrow Re: How to resume broken ISO download - help needed

    Quote Originally Posted by skymera View Post
    In Windows, Yes there is a way to resume downloads.
    I use it for big files

    You can stop, pause and resume downloads using it.
    There is also a feature to do a Mirror Search. So it can download from several sources at the same time, maximising speed.

    As for doing it in Linux, im not sure. Haven't tried to be honest.
    You could always try it in Wine

    There is Multiget availabe for ubuntu

    sudo apt-get install multiget

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