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Thread: Monitor Playing Up

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    Monitor Playing Up

    Have one slight issue,

    The monitor has decided that it will display the CPU output nice and fuzzily.

    And when i move the mouse it gets more pixelated and if i move it further down then it goes into red and green lines.

    I have checked the connections and the monitor on another PC which works fine so it must be the Ubuntu CPU playing silly buggers !

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    Re: Monitor Playing Up

    If you can see to do it try turning off desktop effects. If you cant see but can login, after logging in wait a little while for everything to finish starting up then press alt-f2, then enter "metacity --replace" (without quotes), then hit enter.

    That will turn off desktop effects temporarily and if it works you can permanently disable them in system>prefs>appearance.

    Could also be a problem with your graphics card, check the fan an the graphics card is working if it has one.
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