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Thread: Wireless disconnect every few minutes

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    Re: Wireless disconnect every few minutes

    ###Update, this has not resolved the issue. sorry.

    I am also experiencing the same it issue on Maverick. The ath9x driver could be the issue. I have tried the latest main line kernel and it seems to have resolved the issue.

    The mainline can be found here

    However you could run into more issues using it.

    I also made an attempt to build the latest kernel from For some reason that didn't resolve the issue.

    You can also try the backports method which might be a little better then using the mainline kernel

    That can be found here

    I hope this is helpful.
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    Re: Wireless disconnect every few minutes

    I had a very similar problem when I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04. I could connect to the wireless network but it would only stay connected for a few seconds. Try going into 'Edit Connections...' by right clicking your network icon and under Wireless edit the connection you're having trouble with and in 'Wireless Security' make sure the Key or Password is there and click save. This worked for me and I haven't had trouble since.

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    Re: Wireless disconnect every few minutes

    Old thread closed.

    Please feel free to start a fresh one.

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