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Thread: New Gazelle and Wireless Troubles

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    Re: New Gazelle and Wireless Troubles

    I burned myself a copy of the Ubuntu 8.04 live CD, making sure it had the correct MD5 sum. I had a few troubles burning it, after 3 tries and checking for "disk integrity" each time it would always say 1 error was found. But it booted it up into the live session of ubuntu fine. Using NM, I got the same thing that has been happening each time. It could see networks fine, but would just time out at "Old device 'wlan0' activating, won't change." I first tried it with no security setup, and then with WPA security setup (both with no MAC filtering). Neither one worked.

    Whats the next step for me to try?

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    Re: New Gazelle and Wireless Troubles

    Send me an email at support(at)system76(dot)com.
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    Re: New Gazelle and Wireless Troubles

    This is a shot in the dark, but I had a very similar problem recently, and like you tried everything. In the end I switched the router from using TKIP to AES for the encryption and suddenly everything works. It even connects using Network Manager which it never did before. Worth a try.

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