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Thread: How to get 5.1 with Pulse Audio?

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    How to get 5.1 with Pulse Audio?

    hey i just did, " The (almost) Perfect Pulse Audio Setup " located,
    and i now have pulse audio set up as my main sound thing, but the only reason i got it is cuz i thought it would help me solve my surround sound problem ( using amarok, i dont get any sound to center and rear speakers )
    anyone know how to get other speakers working using pulse audio?

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    Re: How to get 5.1 with Pulse Audio?

    have you tried editing the "default-sample-channels" entry with this:

    sudo gedit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

    its down near the bottom. i believe it defaults to 2...just uncomment it, change it to 6 and restart and you should be all set.
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    Re: How to get 5.1 with Pulse Audio?

    i believe that you will have to change the value to 5 not 6, since the subwoofer is really not a seperate channel, and just for low frequency sound.


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