I just installed Kubuntu 8.04. I have a nVidia GeForce 6300. This is my first step into the realm of 64bit, so it might even be a 64bit problem.

OK, the problems is as follows. Firstly my icon text, on my desktop, looks all "wierd". It's as if the colours are inverted. I have tried looking for a setting somewhere, but no luck.

Secondly, I have a problem which seems to be plaguing quite a few Hardy users. I have a dual screen setup, left screen is a 54" TV for movies, and the right one is my normal 17" CRT, which is set as the default screen.

In Gutsy my icons and any newly created windows and icons would behave themselves and stay on my 17" screen. Since installing Hardy that behaviour has been replaced by windows and icons jumping to the TV. This is very annoying as my TV is at such an angle that I can't see it when sitting in front of my 17".

Some people have said that it might be a problem with the nvidia-config program, but that works fine in Gutsy.

If anyone has any idea how to remedy this problem, please help.