I have a openvpn network in place. My computer (WinXP) connects to a Ubuntu server with OpenVPN (2.0.1) installed and running. What I want is to be able to connect from my computer to a Win2003 server running MSSQL server that is on the same LAN as the Ubuntu server.

The two networks has the following ip range and

Ubuntu routing table:
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface UH        0 0          0 tun0   UG        0 0          0 tun0   U         0 0          0 eth0         UG        0 0          0 eth0
The vpn-server also routes the local IP of the server so I can access it with it's LAN IP, i.e. from my XP-machine ( i can access (Ubuntu server). But I cannot access (Win2003 Server).

I've tried enabling client-to-client but no luck there.

I believe I need to configure routing to the Win2003 server on the ubuntu server but I am not too familiar with this, and there is just too much information I don't know where to start.

Could someone please hint me here and possibly direct me where to find information/tutorials about this?

Thanks in advance!

/ Peter

OpenVPN config:
proto udp
dev tun
ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt
push "route"
keepalive 10 120
status openvpn-status.log
verb 3