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Thread: Flash Graphics and Linux

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    Flash Graphics and Linux


    So I am working on a website and find flash images (swf and what not) great. I am not an expert at them but I was starting to learn and I want to be able to make those graphics for my site, make it more interactive, move living, what not. I wanted to know, what in Linux can allow me to do this? Any ideas?

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    Re: Flash Graphics and Linux

    There are at least two options:

    1) Get wine installed (it's a windows "compatibility layer") and then get flash installed. You probably won't have the latest version working but one or two back it's almost certain. Check this link to see what's the latest version of flash supported under wine. You may also find helpful it has several how to's but may not be recently updated.

    2) Install a Windows XP/Vista VirualBox and run Flash from it, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

    Hope it helps
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