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Thread: My Solution: Hardy 8.04 and Bluetooth headsets

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    Re: My Solution: Hardy 8.04 and Bluetooth headsets

    Hi kepreon,

    I managed to get Skype working very well with this thread (Thanks a lot to all of you!), after investigating for several days. Just a minute ago, I shared my way in a German forum in order to help others.

    Unfortunately I don't get Ekiga working with my headset, which was my primary purpose. Starting a test call on (my VoIP provider) seems to work, Ekiga doesn't report any errors, just the headset stays quiet, headset microphone doesn't either seem to work.

    The link you provided deals with a2dp, but I thought that would be used for stereo headset usage (one way!) instead of mono but 2-way?! Is that really what I should try in order to get Ekiga working?!

    Could you please explain, how you got Ekiga working with your bluetooth headset?

    Ekiga console output is:
    ALSA lib pcm_params.c:2135:(snd1_pcm_hw_refine_slave) Slave PCM not usable
    Cannot initialize hardware parameter structure Invalid argumentCannot set access type Invalid argumentCannot set sample format Invalid argumentCannot set channel count Invalid argumentCannot set sample rate Invalid argumentCannot set period size Invalid argumentCannot set periods to Invalid argumentCannot set buffer_time to  50 ms Invalid argumentCannot set period_time to 10 ms   Invalid argumentCannot set parameters Invalid argument

    P.S.: My setup:
    -Ubuntu-64 with 2.6.24-24-generic kernel
    -Pulseaudio running
    -Headset seems to work via ALSA
    -solved skype problem simply by getting and from the i386-package of bluez-audio and stored them in /usr/lib32/alsa-lib
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