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Thread: HowTo: Undervolt your notebook CPU for longer battery life

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    I followed the guide with just some changes for match my machine.

    I have a T5500 Core 2 Duo, Hardy x86.

    The script linux-phc-optimize.bash did not work for me, it gave the -1 issue. Also running the script with another istance of burnMMX in a separate tab made the temperature up to 104 degree, it's almost the limit that can support. So, be aware on using it.

    Instead i suggest if you have this type of cpu to put the VID at 19, as other users say seems that is impossibile to set a lower level.

    You can use PHCTools to set the VID for both the cpu, just pay attention to mark the option "Restore VIDs on Load" under Settings Tab. Before using it launch the script to set the permissions.

    I can confirm that the average temperature has dropped around 10-15 degree.

    The compiled module for 2.6.24-19 32bit is below.

    Good job Ares Drake.
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