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Thread: Install with XFS

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    Question Install with XFS

    I'm installing Ubuntu on a dual-boot laptop. The first partition is for Windows. I want to install Ubuntu on the second partition using the XFS file system, but when I try, it says that Grub may not work correctly with it and I should use Lilo instead. Unfortunately, there's no option to use Lilo during the installation. Can I just not use XFS because of this? If I do, will it bork my install so that I can't boot up?

    Your help is appreciated!

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    Re: Install with XFS

    Sorry, did you try to install it anyway? But since XFS isn't journaling this would be a little risky.

    If you have enough space on your harddrive, than I would suggest to use a root partition in ext3 and a home partition in XFS.

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    Re: Install with XFS

    Xfs is a journalled filesystem which journals only metadata.


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