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Thread: Axesstel MV400i series, MV430LITE

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    Axesstel MV400i series, MV430LITE

    Hi all.

    A few days ago I switched to a new ISP, which provides me with wireless internet.

    The wireless modem they provided me with is:

    Axesstel MV400i series, specifically, the MV430LITE model.
    CDMA 1xEV-DO Rev A

    The service provider is:

    Centennial of Puerto Rico

    I am having trouble finding information on the internet, let alone other people's experiences with said modem.

    With Ubunto 7.04, my Linux installation started to behave strangely when I started using this modem, like applications were taking longer than normal to start. Also, after using the modem for several minutes, the connection speed would slowdown more and more, until it would just lock up. Turning the modem off and back on would fix it temporarily.

    With my Windows box (Dell Latitude C600) the modem works just fine, so it may be possible that my Linux installation is corrupted or has some other problem unrelated to the modem.

    Right now I am installing from scratch Ubuntu 7.1 (Ubuntu 8.04 does not recognize my display's max resolution, I want to check on that before installing it, Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.1 handle my display just fine, except for 3D functionality, which still hangs the whole machine), and will let you know what my experience is with the modem.

    I wonder if anybody else here has had any experience with this modem?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Axesstel MV400i series, MV430LITE

    Update - Looks like the modem was defective. After about 1 month of usage, it just died. Now the replacement modem is working fine with both Windows and Linux (ethernet port only, not USB).

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