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    Question TOTAL Newb

    OK, I am the newest of newbs -- I have NEVER used Linux before, and I just want to know how to install programs while in Linux.

    I am on a Compaq Presario that has Vista preinstalled, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 while in Vista (please don't laugh)....

    I want to know a few other things too....
    1. How to install a program (*.exe)
    2. Why can't I just double-click on a *.exe file and have it run in Linux??
    3. Is there an easy way to run Linux?? Like, is there a book for dummies on using Linux?? OR, is there a list of basic commands that I should dedicate to memory??

    I understand, and fully appreciate, that Linux is free and I should be happy with that, but I would really like to learn how to use Linux -- anyone can install it, click on "Applications" and choose a pre-installed program -- I want to do more than just get by with it -- I want to know how to run it effectively.

    I would like to fully come over to using Linux as my only OS and get away from Microsloth and Gates' fascination with developing OS's that are clearly not ready for launch, and that are also CLEARLY NOT WANTED by the general public.

    So, if anyone would like to take it upon themselves to help a total newb in teaching me how to use Linux -- would very greatly appreciate it -- and when I feel comfortable enough, I will get rid of Vista completely and wipe this HDD clean and install with only Linux -- from what I have experienced so far, I am impressed.

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    Re: TOTAL Newb

    add/remove from the applications menu lets you browse available software and tick to install. you can install .exe's on Ubuntu (well you can with wine but not routinely). Ubuntu's system is much better than conventional methods as the operating system is in charge of managing software not various 3rd party installers so they can be updated etc.
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    Re: TOTAL Newb

    .exe files are not generic programs, they are Microsoft Executable for running on the Windows platform. Somehow the folks of Wine have made a way to install Windows software (.exe) on a Linux box, however it is not perfect, even though most stuff works.

    On Ubuntu you install Linux based programs via dpkg, with synaptic, add/remove, aptitude, or apt-get. Also you can run .bin, or compile from source. I advise if you enjoy using a Linux box to shed your current computer mentality as much of it does not apply. I am not saying Linux is difficult it is just that many things on Windows are selfishly made "only" for Windows. If you use certain programs that you like on Windows I can recommend a (usually much better) Linux alternative. I am fully aware that some proprietary apps that "we cant live without" will not be available but for much of it that's where Wine comes in. Personally I am pushing for a stronger Linux adoption so I do not support Wine, but for many it works fine. Try wine's app database for information on what programs run well, and for instructions on configuring wine. (its not hard)

    Also feel free to ask if you need any help and welcome to ubuntuforums

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    Re: TOTAL Newb

    I always found this page to be helpful, and I still occasionally refer back to it.

    Welcome to a whole new computer experience!
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