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Thread: sound wierdness

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    sound wierdness

    so have a built-in-motherboard sound card, nvidia nforce 405, and a seperate one,is supposedly an Ensoniq AudioPCI. i can only play mp3s and the like on the ensoniq, but midis ( i think, whatever the system sounds are) and, say, youtube sounds on the Nvidia. what?

    my current settings are for the nvidia: ALC883 Digital for all of the device listings except for the sound recording, because i am not using that, and the last one, the Device, is HDA Nvidia.

    to set it to the ensoniq, they are all dac1 except for Device, which is the ensoniq, of course.

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    Re: sound wierdness

    A bit confusing but try removing the second card from your box. If you are confused which sound card is being used you can bet that Linux hasn't got a clue which one to use.............
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