Hello all, I just reformatted and installed Hardy. I must say I am fairly impressed. Compiz works OOB and the restricted driver manager installed the 169.12 for my 8800GT.

I have a few issues.

1. I have an Audigy 2 and the rear speakers will not work. They worked in Feisty.

2. How do you get VLC to start playing DVDs when inserted into the drive. I see that you can select something in Nautilus, but I cannot enter the vlc %m like I could in Feisty.

3. The foo2zjs driver does not work with my Laserjet 1000 printer. I went to http://foo2zjs.rkkda.com/ and no dice still. Anyone have any luck?

4. I installed the Java 1.6 JRE via Synaptic and Openoffice 2.4 cannot find it.

Everything else runs just fine. I did notice that when I installed a different GDM login theme the login window took forever to appear.