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Hello again,

I have a new problem now,

I have completely reformatted my HDD. I have installed the 3 operating systems, without a linux swap partition (I could not find how to use a swap file so I don't know if I am using one of those). All partitions work well. I also have made a FAT32 partition after all the others as well to share as I initially planned. The only problem is that Ubuntu Hardy is the only system that can mount the partition. The disk utility in os x will not let me erase, or reformat the volume. The best i get is the following error:

'Partition failed with the error:

MediaKit reports partition (map) too small.'

Anyone know how to knock this over?


I noticed that some people have problems seeing the FAT32 partition from OSX unless the partition was created with Disk Utility. I am not sure of the reason. Are your partition tables in sync?