I upgraded from an up to date Gutsy to Heron via upgrade-manager. Ihave lost ability to play video, i get a blank screen with sound. This is true for all the vid players and across vid formats mpg, avi, wmv etc.

I followed along with the comprehensive video tutorial at the top of the forum here, installing all apps as indicated. Everything went smoothly but no luck with the video.

I have disabled (never was able to enable) desktop effects, except that I still have fuzzy borders around windows and icons on the menu bar zoom when I click on them. I can't seem to get rid of this.

Any ideas on how to fix the video?

PS I have a thinkpad T30 with the ATI 7500 Mobility chip. Since I upgraded to Gutsy I have never managed to get DRI working so Compiz does not work for me. I do have Beryl and Emerald on the machine from back in dapper and edgy days but they don't seem to be running at all when I 'ps axu'