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Thread: 7900gt and Hardy Haron?

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    Arrow 7900gt and Hardy Haron?

    Hello and thanks for taking a look at this,

    I am just starting to take an interest into the ubuntu operating system and find it very fascinating and would love to have a great desktop environment with the cube effect and others.

    The problem I have had is that I believe my computer is currently running on my on board graphics card, rather than my 7900gt I have installed. I believe this because sometimes the graphics go choppy when moving windows around. The other problem is I don't know how to check and see which one is the one taking over the graphics processing. I tried to instal Envy as that woked on a later version of ubuntu I had but i dont know how to get it installed I followed the instructions and it kept saying packages weren't found.

    I would also like to install automatix but don't really have a clue on how to do that because i think my repositories won't let me or something i don't know i guess i am looking for some quick answers if possible thanks.

    Thank you!

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    Re: 7900gt and Hardy Haron?

    so far not good at all and Ubuntu although fast is seeming to be more of a hassle than anything, can you get amarok or a good multimedia player on ubuntu? Mp3 Support? I truly know nothing about ubuntu and it seems like it has potential but I can't see the means to the potential.,..Ive seen youtube videos and they look awesome but this is beginning to look like a miserable time trying to get my desktop to look like the ones on youtube.
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    Re: 7900gt and Hardy Haron?

    Hello, I'm no expert at Ubuntu but I can tell you that Automatix is not yet available for Hardy. As for your Video card I saw somewhere this command "lspci" to view your Video card. When I insert this command in a terminal I see I have the Nvidia 8600. Open a terminal as follow: Applications-Accessories-Terminal from there insert the above command lspci no quotations. If you see the Nvidia 7900 I would guess your using your Nvidia card. Also, make sure you installed the Nvidia drivers, to assure you can make the most of your card. Ubuntu makes it easy to add you'll just have to agree to the terms, since this is a Nvidia proprietary driver. I have been unable to do all the cool stuff you see at youtube nevertheless, I can do the wiggly thing, the pages look like their made of rubber. For me that's enough, but try looking here and see if it helps: I believe you'll need to install Emerald theme manager I think it was from Synaptic, System-Administration-synaptic and do a search for Emerald. You might need to install Advance Desktop Settings, (DON'T REMEMBER IF THIS CAME INSTALLED OR I INSTALLED IT, SORRY but u can check in your own system). If I installed it chances are it was from Synaptic. Yes, you can get Amarok for Ubuntu, I believe you'll need to go to Applications-add/remove and find Amarok there and install by clicking on the box next to it. For the mp3/dvd codecs you'll need to add Medibuntu (since Automatix is not yet available) see here: I would add Medibuntu before Amarok, just a feeling. Hope this helps a little until someone who really knows Ubuntu well can help you better. My knowledge is very limited at best. Good luck!
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