sorry my english.
my first ubuntu was 7.10, and some times my wireless card (ipw2200) dont work fine, and the NIC don work fine too. In 7.10 i need reboot several times to works, and the wireless... y have turn off the swich of wireless before boot, if i dont that the eth1 dont appear.
Now i install the 8.04, the ubuntu reconize the eth0 and eth1 but i cant to do work. i put the ips, dns, all, and dont connect. If i cofigure a eth0 work with dhcp, dont take the ip addres.
please helpme i post in but dont help so much... please. link to my post with lpci, dmesg | grep ipw2200, ifconfig. and if you need more information of my configuration only ask for it. I use ubuntu some months
I really like ubuntu... but if i cant conect to internet i cant work. My computer have dual boot.
thanks for all