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Thread: 7.10 will not install

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    7.10 will not install

    Hello all I’m new to this forum and to linux. This o/s was recommended by a friend and I am having problems installing it onto my Packard Bell xs20-006. I’m trying to install 7.10 when this error keeps appearing when the install gets to this stage of the installation.

    running local boot scripts (/ete/rc.local)

    this is the message

    the display server has been shut down about 6 times in the last 90 seconds. it is likely that something bad is going on. waiting for 2 mins before trying again on display :0)

    I have also tried to install the 8 version with no success any info on solving this problem would be appreciated many thanks jez

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    installation now solved, grub to run linux ?

    I have now managed to install linux by using the f4 key to change the display size. as the title suggests where do i download the grub so i can choose linux over windows cheers jez


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