Hi everyone,

I think this is probably a stupid question, but I had a look around and couldnt find an answer.

I'm using gnome on hardy and I want to create a desktop shortcut to a directory. I tried using "create launcher" -> "location" but that seemed to only want to create a shortcut to an executable.

Specifically, I just got my dad to try ubuntu and set up a new hard drive so his computer now dual boots XP and ubuntu. I want to create a shortcut to his "My Documents" folder on his XP drive.

When I click on the 40.0Gb media icon in the places menu it mounts the drive and sticks a shortcut on the desktop to its root directory. How do I create a shortcut to an arbitrary folder on the drive, or any other folder on my ubuntu drive for that matter?

I haven't set the drive to automount yet but I here ntfs-config makes life easy for this? Does that sound right?

Cheers everyone!