I have installed Hardy on my laptop, and I am getting random system lockups, at first it seemed like it could be overheating, but it also seems to match the symptoms of bug #216124 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...et/+bug/216124)
so I think it could well be related to the networking applet
the system doesn't lock immediately after connecting, but after the system has been connected for a while it completely freezes.

my system is an intel c2d, and the wireless adapter uses the rt8187 chipset. I am using the windows drivers with ndiswrapper, as the ubuntu drivers for the wireless seem not to work properly, the wireless works, but has a much reduced range, and disconnects a lot

the crashes occur before installing anything except ndiswrapper on a fresh system. the hardware and drivers worked in this configuration in Gutsy