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My method was rather primitive:

Using the Ubuntu LiveCD launch the partition editor and delete the FAT32 partition.

Replace it with a resierFS partition.

Why do we do this:

a) the partition editor sets no flags on reiserFS partitions it creates
b) the Disk Utility (which we will need in the next step) in OSX can't edit ext2/3 partitions, neither can it erase a FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS partition that is flagged with MS Reserved.

Next launch OSX and open Disk Utility.

Now click on the resierFS partition and select 'erase'.

Erase the reiserFS partition and replace it with a FAT32 partition (choose the FAT from the drop down menu).

Disk Utility will create a FAT32 partition without any flags and this new partition will mount nicely in both OSX and Ubuntu.
Great, thanks. That is a good work around.