Hey everyone! Just installed 8.04 desktop on one of my main machines and 8.04 server on an older machine. I can't get the WOL feature to work on the 8.04 server (which is in another room). It works fine on the desktop though. Here are the rough specs for the server:

Tyan S1854 Mobo
P3 850
D-Link DFE-530TX+ NIC

I have connected the WOL cable and enabled WOL in the BIOS. The NIC works fine and I have Internet access. I have tried changing the NIC to a different slot and still it won't work. wakeonlan from my desktop won't work and Windows wake on lan from another machine won't work either. Am I missing a step or setting? I looked through the mobo manual and can't find another BIOS setting. I have looked at the main WOL guide here on the forums to no avail. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.