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Thread: What are "eth0" "ppp0" "tap0" "lo"?

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    Question What are "eth0" "ppp0" "tap0" "lo"?

    I have wondered what exactly these "interfaces" are called, and what their nature is.

    I need to know, because I need to know if IPsec can be labeled "tap23" or such, or if that is only for SSL/TLS tunnels.

    I want to know more about the operating system I'm running. Anyone up for a quick tutorial on what I know aren't actually drivers, or the hardware itself?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: What are "eth0" "ppp0" "tap0" "lo"?

    eth0 is the first ethernet device
    ppp0 is the first point ot point protocol device, usually associated with a modem
    lo is the loopback interface,
    tap0 is the first virtual ethernet device, explained quite nicely here.
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