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Thread: Ubuntu/Windows/Router/Printer

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    Another variation on a recurring theme:

    Running Ubuntu 8 on one machine. Server (hardwired) running WIN XP. Computers connected through hardwire router. Printer connected to server. Therefore, print commands go from my machine (the Ubuntu one) throug the server (WXP), then to the printer.

    Cept it don't work. I can double boot WinXP if I must, bring up the doc with OOo for Win, and print it that way, but it's a hassle. I have no idea whether or how I could run the printer directly thru the router, avoiding the whole problem. Maybe that's a better idea? If so, how?

    Thoughts? Thanks.

    PS I have no interest in sharing docs between computers. I just want the two to share one internet connection and one printer thru the router. Or something.

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    Re: Ubuntu/Windows/Router/Printer

    Sorry, you don't mention the model of the printer or router? Could you also let us know which version of Ubuntu you are running.
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    Re: Ubuntu/Windows/Router/Printer

    Obvious question: In XP, did you enable sharing for the printer? If so, you should be able to simply Add Printer in Ubuntu, and use the connection option "Windows Printer via SAMBA".

    If the printer has a network port, you can run it directly from the router, but you'll probably experience some slowness, especially from the Windows machine.

    If you're still stuck, please let us know the make and model of the printer, and we might be of more help.


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