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Thread: Issues downloading 8.04 on SantaRosa in Lepoard

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    Issues downloading 8.04 on SantaRosa in Lepoard

    A small cluster of related issues actually...

    1) I currently have my Hard Drive partitioned in 2 halves; 80g for Lepoard, 80g for Kubuntu. Someday, when I have money to buy a copy of XP, I'd like to have a tiny partition for that as well. "Someday." How big a headache will it be in the future to add a tiny XP partition?

    2) After some trial and error I got 7.10 on the Kubuntu half of my hard drive. However, when I go into Adept Installer for updates - such as an option to upgrade to 8.04 - it freezes and crashes every time.

    3) So, I'm now trying to download a copy of 8.04 to burn to CD, same as I did for 7.10 last month. I've tried multiple sites (North America). Each attempt to download takes several days to do so and results in only a partial file which my MacBook's CD burner can't even read.

    Anyone else run into this? Is this because 8.04 is so new and hip that everyone wants a copy so the download is slow? Is this because OSX is Jealous, afraid I'm shacking up with another operating system and is blocking my efforts? Any better place to find download sites than

    Thanks in advance!

    - Jo

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    Re: Issues downloading 8.04 on SantaRosa in Lepoard

    there are torrents, and you should choose a mirror with a close location to you to get the best speed.


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