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Thread: Hardware problems after restart !

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    Angry Hardware problems after restart !

    Hello ,

    I got lots of problems just after install VirtualBox software with their libs . then after instillation VirtualBox the system ask me to reboot the system then i reboot it . but if i know what will be happen i won't

    Just after restart and reboot . Ubuntu 8.04 doesn't recognize any drivers i had before like sounds, video, wireless and screen. i have been try for 2 hours to fix the screen and finally success to fix it . but now nothing work correctly from the sounds to wireless even after install screen driver NVIDIA the system windows are unstable.

    Is there any way guys to return the pretty of the Ubuntu for installation all driver and return my old Ubuntu working correctly ?

    i notes that from using Ubuntu there is not automatic solution for the broken system like Windows . before in XP if something goes wrong i just restart the system then choose mode "Last known configuration correctly" or something like this and the system works fine or just reinstall the driver and everything goes correctly , But now , i am really upset about this problem what is the benefits of the system without drivers or unstable system ? i am thinking to go back to XP.

    Last question , Is there way to reset all configuration to the Default value of Ubuntu 8.04 ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Hardware problems after restart !

    I managed to do the exact same thing. doing a re-install did nothing (nvidia packages and sound) - after removal of the virtualbox-packages that is supposed to be installed on the virtual machine (and not even a notice of this and what is does in the descp. field).


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