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Thread: Cannot install on 120gig free space drive

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    Cannot install on 120gig free space drive

    I would like to describe my system and then indicate the problem.

    Intel dual core system with 3.5gig memory.

    disk1 SATA 320 gig, partitioned to 150gig Fedora 8
    disk1 Second Partition partition 2 FREE SPACE where I want to install

    disk2 SATA 250 gig Fedora 9 Preview

    disk3 IDE 150 gig Front partitions XP
    disk3 IDE 100 gig Back Partition PCLINUXOS


    I run through the install program, and if I take the defaults, it wants to install in disk3 partition 2, replacing pclinuxos

    If I change the settings to indicate to use the free space, it wants to overwrite one of the other working linux systems.

    If I tell it to go manually, then it does not let me repartition the free space, but wants me to make it one of the mounted points (example / )

    In the past, when I tried it with 7.10, Ubuntu destroyed grub so that nothing booted. ( I even tried unplugging the two hard drives that I did not want it to touch, and that did not work).

    I would like to use ubuntu, for the look and feel, and because of the significant user group.

    Any suggestions please? I accept emails.

    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. Leslie
    (grandfather of 3)

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    Re: Cannot install on 120gig free space drive

    Go Manual and choose the second partition of the first disk.(free space)

    Dr. Fernando Duran Dollenz
    Libertad 584


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