I propose (& I am willing to be the project Champion) that we come up with Ubuntu Zimbabwe Regalia. I have T-Shirts, Caps, Jackets and other items of your choice for a start in mind.

I will be very grateful if you will provide input on how best to start and run the project. My interest in having the project running is to have some form of identification and uniform (uniforms are for sport) when we hold meetings, go out for a project and most importantly generate some funds for the team (the regalia will be sold at a small profit, with all proceeds going to Ubuntu Zimbabwe)

I will very grateful if you will indicate the possible designs and graphics that we can use for the regalia, I fell in love with the Hardy heron T-Shirt from the Ubuntu store. (I wish I will lay my hands on one, anyone prepared to give away one??)

Does anyone know if we have to seek permission from Canonical to use, modify and print the Ubuntu Logo on the regalia? Are designs from the Ubuntu store protected in any way from copying for use by community members?

Information about printers and clothing suppliers will also be greatly appreciated.

The whole idea reminds me, of my lovely black Linux Expo jacket!