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Thread: Oversized Fonts abound

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    Oversized Fonts abound

    Hey all, I just installed Xubuntu after battling the lag of Ubuntu and the bugs of Kubuntu on my laptop and so far, I'm very satisfied with it except for one thing: the fonts are huge. I actually had the same sort of opinion of KDE4, but now it's just unreasonable. I'm afraid I really don't know how to provide a screenshot, but basically what I want to do is edit the default font size for all applications titles/menus. I bet this has already been answered, but thanks in advance!

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    Re: Oversized Fonts abound

    Hi, I`m not sure how to fix this in xfce, but I had the same issue in Gnome and KDE as well. In Gnome you need to edit gdm.conf in /etc/gdm/ and tell him to use different dpi (I use 96 dots). I`m not sure what line is it now, but some googling will show you the results. In KDE you should edit kdm.rc file (I don`t use KDE, but it should be somewhere in /etc/kdm/ I guess). I guess it should be very similar in xfce. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to solve this in KDE4 (anybody?)...


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