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Thread: Help for LPI-202 exam wanted

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    Help for LPI-202 exam wanted

    Hello, has anyone here recently completed the LPI 202 exam from the Linux Professional institute ?

    Ik have just completed the 101,102 and 201 exams. The 201 exam proved quite difficult to me, and the 202 exam has more subjects that I have no experience with. It is needed to get the LPIC-2 certificate, and deals with Network Configuration in general.

    I would like to know how much emphasis there is on the configuration of mail servers and what mail server (sendmail, qmail, postfix of exim) is the most important to learn.

    Also, it would be helpful if someone could point me to any example questions. I'm not looking for cheat sheets, as I am well aware of the non-disclosure agreement. But any help and tips what subjects to focus on would be welcome.
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