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Thread: No panels in Gnome after reboot

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    No panels in Gnome after reboot

    Can anyone help me fix this problem.
    I installed Hardy fresh today and did some installing (essential programs) and I uninstalled evolution mail. After reboot there are no panels. I dont know how to make one from terminal. I think I removed gnome-panel or something like that when I uninstalled that bloody evolution mail.

    Any help ??
    How can I start terminal with shortcut ??

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    Re: No panels in Gnome after reboot

    First try right cicking on the desktop when logged in and select "add new Panel" see here

    Otherwise the only answer I can give is reinstall evolution and put up with it there as it's tied in with GNOME too much which is one of the main reasons I use kubuntu

    reboot and switch session to the terminal and type

    sudo apt-get install evolution that hopefully should fix it
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