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Thread: Hardy refusing to keep nvidia drivers or monitor settings

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    Angry Hardy refusing to keep nvidia drivers or monitor settings

    I really am cursing the day I "upgraded" to 8.04LTS
    Gutsy worked perfectly, but I've wasted about 4 hours just trying to get this poxy system to do anything useful since the 'upgrade'

    Ok, Nvidia GF4 Ti 4400, iWill MoBo (old but fine), 1Gb ram, running Gnome I think.
    How do I check Gnome or KDE? This was Gutsy to Hardy upgrade, not fresh install.

    This exact setup ran with restricted drivers & hardware accell on Gutsy, no trouble.

    With Hardy I can't even find the restricted drivers, and it doesn't point out the lack of them, like Gutsy did.
    Admin/Hardware Drivers shows "no proprietary drivers in use" and I have no hardware acceleration at all. System's real slow.

    Envy goes thru setup, finds my card & screen, reboots then forgets everything. Gives me "low graphics mode" screen, with vesa drivers & plug n play monitor every time.

    Just done the "recovery, sudo dpkg-reconfigure... thing, got 1024 but no drivers.

    Enabled "Screens & Graphics" & can adjust screen res, but reboot & it's gone again. Every time it completely forgets my working settings & gives me the "low graphics mode - vesa drivers, plug n play monitor" junk *grrrr*

    Where are the restricted drivers now?
    How can I install them as Envy obviously refuses to help?

    Can't login as root, & can't save xorg.conf file;
    Tried to copy the graphics card & monitor code out of an old (working) xorg file, but it won't let me save, even after editing via: sudo gedit

    Think I should format & head back to gutsy as this really is peeing me off.

    Any more suggestions ???
    Seems that many people are having graphics issues with Hardy that weren't there with gutsy. What have they broken & when will they fix it ??
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