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Thread: weird LAME question

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    weird LAME question

    Ok, this is kind of a weird issue, but I wasn't paying too much attention to the command line options I set for LAME in grip, and ended up ripping and encoding a significant number of CDs with a variable bit rate (at V0) AND a minimum bitrate of 320k. Kind of pointless.

    I then tried ripping two files with CBR and a minimum bitrate of 320k just to see the difference, and the file it created was exactly the same size as the VBRed one. So then I use the cmp command to see what the difference was and I got:
    [the first two files] differ: byte 2080, line 2
    [the second two files] differ: byte 2289, line 2

    I know very little about the actual mp3 format; does this byte designate whether it's CBR or VBR?

    I know it seems strange to obsess over a single byte, but I wanted archive quality for these songs, so I was hoping for perfect encoding, and like I said I know very little about the mp3 format so I'm not sure if there will be any difference in how mp3 players handle the files. I tried playing both in VLC and the VBRed one seems to use slightly more processor time, but top is sufficiently imprecise that I couldn't be sure.

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    Re: weird LAME question

    if you want to use a lossy format, i'd recommend ogg, since its FOSS. but its better in more than a few ways.
    i personally use flac. use it if you want true cd quality.
    but if i have to use mp3, i use certain settings. (it drives me nutty that people use those stupid presets).
    i use 320 CBR Stereo (NOT joint stereo, which was a stupid implementation) if i do have to use mp3 for some unusual reason.
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