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Thread: Phonon error message at KDE 4.0 start

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    Phonon error message at KDE 4.0 start

    The first image is the error I get every time KDE 4 starts.

    for the sake of searches I am going to type out the error:

    The audio playback device VIA 8237 with ALC850 (VIA 8237) does not work.
    Falling back to C-Media CMI8728 (model 55) (C-Media PCI DAC/ADC)

    This image is what my sound settings look like

    The strange thing to note is that the VIA sound device is listed twice. This doesn't always happen and after I restarted the 2nd listing went away. The one application I could find to test phonon was kopete. When I select notifications and do a test play of a sound sometimes it works, but sometimes it gives me the same error above and plays it over my 2nd sound card.

    The reason I have two cards is that one is 6 channel for multimedia and normal applications. The second card is for recording and voice chat / skype.

    When I set C-Media as the preferred device I never get the error, so I suspect the problem is with the VIA driver. If I figure out how to fix it I will post but any help would be appreciated.

    Really this problem is not high priority but it would be nice not to be getting errors when I am trying to play sounds, and to have them play over the correct device.

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