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Thread: severe problem with crucial drivers

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    severe problem with crucial drivers

    i have recently installed ubuntu on wubi on my hp tx2000 series (tx2028au). i have been consulting the how-to sections and they have provided me with some help. However i am facing certain driver problems with my speakers and sound card.

    I have installed alsa drivers for the realtek hd audio. However unlike others my earphones work but not my speakers. Whenever i need sound i have to use earphones.

    Furthermore, i have installed drivers using ndiswrapper for the broadcom wireless a/b/g 4312 card and the wireless card just can't work even after that. The rest of my hardware is working well. I haven't tested the microphone, and don't mind not having the tablet as well. The two features are crucial to me as i am a student and usually move around campus with wireless networking. I hope someone with experience can help me because the American versions of the tx2000 seem to be different then those sold in asia.

    I have only installed 2 desktop environments, kde and gnome and i am not using gdm(wadeva that is)
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