I have Athalon XP 64 CPU with 1 GB memory and two hard drives.
First Drive has Windows XP everything works fine.

Second Hard drive has Ubuntu 8.04
Sound Events
Sound Playback: ES1371 DAC2 ADC
Music and Movies
Sound Playback: ES1371 DAC2 ADC
Audio Conferencing
Sound Playback: ES1371 DAC2 ADC
Sound capture: ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Default Mixer Tracks: Ensoniq Audio PCI (Asa Mixer)

1. LCD Sound to Sound card OK
2. All volume levels checked for mute off OK
3. CD / DVD Play sound OK
4. Internet Youtube no sound. Only when I hit the test button Audio Conferencing, sound capture do I hear the sound. What's up with that?

I know the sound card works because I sometimes can get it to work in recovery mode.

Thanks in advance,