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Thread: Games freeze

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    Games freeze

    I'm having trouble running games. I'm using 8.04.
    My computer specs:

    athlon X2 64 5600+
    gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4
    DDR2 667Mh 1GB
    7600GT 256MB

    nVidia Driver is installed.
    The problem is that games "freeze".
    For example: while I'm playing Warcraft 3, the game simply freezes and the sound starts looping, and then stops as well, it is stuck for about a minute or so, then continues for a few moments, and everything freezes again.
    Or in Neverwinter Nights 1 In the middle of the game everything freezes and after a few moments it continues working as if nothing happens.
    A third game I tried is Glest, which also freezes.
    Warcraft 3 is ran using wine, and the others are linux versions.

    When it freezes it freezes completely: Mouse and keyboard stops working, and if I'm playing in window, I can see that other apps don't work as well.

    I had a similar problem in Windows, but when I canceled write combining it worked, but after going to 7.10 then problem returned, (but write combining was off). I hoped that moving to 8.04 will fix the problem but so far it hasn't.

    Anyone has any clue on how to fix that?

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    Angry Re: Games freeze

    Have I done something wrong with the message or it's just that no one can help me with my problem ?


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