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Thread: Machinima Creation

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    Machinima Creation

    Afternoon all!
    I'm looking for some sexy open source alternative to Fraps and Sony Vegas!

    A Fraps alternative isnt an issue as I still maintain an XP Partiton for recording game footage etc, but being able to move away from Windows for production would be a godsend!

    Anyone with any ideas?

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    Re: Machinima Creation

    Cinelerra is probably the best linux alternative to Vegas, but be prepared, it's definitely not "sexy". I used to use Vegas back at version 4.0, and I must say it's an impressive piece of software. I'm sure it has only improved. Cinelerra can probably do most of what you can with Vegas, but it's not quite as stable, and it is much more limited on its output formats. Typically you have to render your work to avi or dv, and then use an external encoder like mencoder or ffmpeg... or mjpegtools (not for novices) to render to a "finished" format like MPEG-2 or h.264. If you're willing to put the time into learning, though, it can be very rewarding.

    One thing you can do with Cinelerra that you can't with Vegas 4 (maybe you can with later versions, don't know) is scripting. Cinelerra reads in plain text xml files. I have used it with perl scripts to automatically title clips and that sort of thing. Worked fantastic. But for GUI driven editing, it's certainly capable, but you'll find it to be a lot more frustrating than Vegas.

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    Re: Machinima Creation

    Quote Originally Posted by Zuggzugg View Post
    I'm looking for some sexy open source alternative to Fraps and Sony Vegas!
    RecordMyDesktop and Blender.


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