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    Reinstalling questions

    I upgraded to 8.04 and it broke my Ubuntu. I have decided to reinstall. I have never done this before with Ubuntu so I want to know how its going to work before I jump in. Here is my plan:

    1. Back up my /home to an external drive (its not on a seperate partition.)
    2. Install Ubuntu 8.04 over my old install. (not sure how to do that, any tips?)
    4. (optional) Make a separate partition this time to copy my /home back to. If you could tell me how to do this that would be great cause I have no idea.
    3. Copy my old /home over the new one.

    Side question: Is any of this going to mess up my Windows XP partition?
    Side question 2: Are there any new features or apps that I will overwrite when I copy my old /home over?
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