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Thread: file perimissions problem

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    file perimissions problem


    Im having a huge problem here, in my home folder and my other partitions i set the permissions to:

    user: myusername read write execute
    group: plugdev read write execute
    others read

    with the command :
    chown -vR myusernamelugdev /home/myusername
    chmod -vR 775 /home/myusername
    sudo chown -vR myusernamelugdev /media/backup
    and for the partitions: chmod -vR 775 /media/backup
    sudo chown -vR myusernamelugdev /media/media
    chmod -vR 775 /media/media

    and they stay that way, but when i download a file to any of this folders

    the file get the permissions:

    user: read write
    group: read only
    other read

    I want that even my new files will have the permissions i set.

    i dont know why that is, please help.

    So to make this more clear: when i download a file or movie or mp3 or whatever from the internet, and save it in any of this folders, it get the permissions:

    user:myusername read write
    group:myusername read only
    others: read only

    I have to run chmod again everytime to set the new permissions. HOW can I make that even the new files/folders will have the same permitions. im really frustrated please help.
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    Re: file perimissions problem

    Do some reading on umask and that should pretty much solve your issue. Be aware that you should think really carefully about umask because it may produce some permissions effects you hadn't forseen. is a good start, and googling can fill in the blanks or answer any particular concerns that may arise.


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