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Thread: Sound issue on Hardy

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    Sound issue on Hardy

    Hi guys!

    Hardy at my notebook(FS EsprimoM V5505 C2DT5550/15,4/1GB/160/BT) works very well except for one thing. I encountered a problem while listening to music. Whenever I listen to any music or video, the sound is horrible, it's like when you are listening to a radio, but the channel is badly tuned, so you hear some kind of buzzing noise. I hope I described it good enough so you can help me solve this problem forever.

    Thanks, Michal

    By the way, last week I upgraded from Ubuntu 7.10
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    Angry Re: Sound issue on Hardy

    Okey. There's one idea which came up to my mind. Is is possible to install drivers from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 to solve this problem? If yes, how? If no, don't you have any other idea how to solve my problem? Please, guys, help me


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