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Thread: Network related messages during shutdown

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    Network related messages during shutdown


    I have a little problem here, actually more of an annoyance. The symptoms are similar to this thread:

    However mine is NOT a laptop but a desktop machine, i'm NOT on Gutsy but Hardy and my machine actually DOES shutdown completely without hanging, yet these messages are still displayed, indicating something must be wrong.

    Immediately when i click "shutdown" or "restart", this barrage of message comes up, remains for a few seconds, then the splash screen appears normally and the system shuts down clean. Please see attached picture for the actual messages.

    Is there a solution to this "problem"?

    My system:

    OS: Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

    AMD Sempron 2800+,
    ASUS K8N4E-SE mainboard
    2x 1GB of RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 7200 GS graphic card (PCI-E), using driver from repo
    LAN on-board

    No wireless LAN or other network thingy attached to the computer, the LAN cable only goes to the router which brings the internet!

    Thanks in advance for help.......

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