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Thread: Dual boot Problem

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    Dual boot Problem

    Hi all,
    I just now entered into the world of open source.
    and Unbuntu really made me crazy.

    So i downloaded the latest version of Unbuntu 8.04 and installed into my system.Now iam facing some problem with it, which is described below.

    My hard disk capacity : 250 GB IDE
    I have partioned the drive in manner below.
    1. Drive C: 40 GB NTFS Win Xp installed
    2. Drive D: CDROM
    3. Drive E: 100 GB NTFS Movies, songs, etc
    4. Drive F: 40 GB NTFS for Back up
    5. 20 GB Linux Swap
    6. 40 GB Linux Ext3

    I have successfully installed the ubuntu in Linux Ext3 partion.
    When i booted it first time and GRUB menu flashed and i entered into Ubuntu. I was really happy that i installed it properly.

    Again i rebooted the system and entered into Win XP from GRUB screen without any prob.

    However the problem started thereafter, again i restarted my system, unfortunately GRUB menu flashes with the ERROR 17 and its not booted to any OS either Win xp or Ubuntu.

    Inorder to loginto Win XP, i tried repairing it using Win Xp CD. I have restored my MBR and able to log into Win XP now.

    But i was unable to log into my Favorite "UBUNTU" since i was not able to get GRUB screen.

    Could anyone of u provide me the solution for it.
    Eagerly awaiting for it.


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    Re: Dual boot Problem

    Namaste Arun, and welcome to Ubuntu.

    First of all, you dont need a 20GB swap partition. 2GB is enough.

    Did you do anything in Xp that could have caused this problem?

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    Re: Dual boot Problem

    Hi iSplicer,
    When i partioned it, i didnt actually understand Linux Swap space.

    After installation, i was browsing through the forum to solve the issue, i came to know that 2Gb is enough for Swap. into the issue.
    I didnt do anything in the windows.

    i think, i just want to install only the boot loader now and configure it to understand both WinXp and Ubuntu.

    Pls let me know how to do the same


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    Re: Dual boot Problem

    Run the live cd and do the steps mentioned here

    This will restore ur grub into ur MBR again


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